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How it works.

Everything you need to know.



At Eternalight Michigan, we're confident in our ability to deliver top-notch work. We take pride in our craftsmanship and understand that every house is unique. That's why we hand cut, bend, and color match the aluminum track to ensure a seamless blend with your existing soffit. Trust us to provide the quality installation your home deserves.

We have options.

With 11 unique tracks in 100+ colors of aluminum, which allows us to install the system on a variety of rooflines, dormers, porches, fences, and even stairs! Mix and match track styles to seamlessly integrate the Celebright lighting system on your home.


Easily take charge from any location.

Our app control and smart home integration provide you with easy access to everything you need. With cloud connectivity, you can control your lights from anywhere, whether you're at home, work, or on vacation. Plus, you can use Google Home or Alexa to control your lights with ease!

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